Punjab and its beauty

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cp31-640x428Punjab is 2nd largest province after Balochistan. It is most populous province. It share border with Punjab, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. Lahore is Punjab’s capital and base of cinema industry and fashion industry. The Indus valley civilization first discovered at Harappa. This province has very low rate of poverty. According to development point of view this area is relatively high as compared to rest of Pakistan. Almost 40% people live in urban areas. This province of Pakistan is very liberal.

My friend at Henderson heating and cooling was telling me that The culture of Punjab is very blended one. Most of the people live in Punjab speak Punjabi. But people from other areas also migrated to Punjab and they speak their own languages and also language varies from city to city. English is commonly spoken by officials and students.

People in Punjab wear shalwar kameez but upper area of Punjab is more libral so they wear western style of dresses too. They are liberal but also too religious. So they never did anything out of the way which hurts their religion.

People of Punjab are food lovers. They love adventure. They are happy and open hearted people. They are very hostile in nature. Food of Punjab like lassi (whey), corn pita bread (makki ki roti), mustard greens (sarsoon ka saag) are their love. They love spicy food. They are expert in cuisines.

Sometimes Punjab is called heart of Pakistan. This province has historic gem stones in many cities which include tombs of saints, historic buildings (palaces), some educational institutes (like Kinnaird College), some mosques (like Badshahi Mosque), and the place where declaration of Pakistan held and many more eye catching beauties.

This province is endless journey of beauty and adventure. The visitors love this province when visit and recommend people to visit all those places and they themselves even want to visit again and again.

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What are the best places to visit in Armenia?

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shutterstock_165781751-750x500Armenia is becoming the most popular visiting place for tourists. It is rich in a plenty of monasteries and beauty of nature. So, let’s have a look on the best places to visit in Armenia.

First of all we are going to talk about the very fast developing city known as Yerevan, the capital is the best place to start your trip to Armenia. My friend working Miami roofing contractor who was basically from this place also said that here, Vernissage flea market is worth seeing which is opened at weekend. It is also a home for the only mosque in the community which is known as the blue mosque along with Levon’s wonderful underground world, which is very unique attraction here.

Furthermore, Tatev Monastery is an ancient valley which is found in mountains in the Syunik province of Armenia. You can have wonderful view of this gorgeous valley to have a look of the beauty of nature. You can take a cable-car ride to reach this monastery and enjoy the natural beauty.

In addition to it, Lake Sevan is located in Sevan, a popular town,which is famous for having Lake Sevan. This lake is very popular in summer among visitors as well as locals. Its beauty is just marvelous, that’s why it got the nick name as “the pearl of Armenian nature”. It is also well known for its fish. Here, you can have BBQ or just relax by enjoying the beautiful scenery spread around the lake.

Jermuk is one of the most famous spa towns found in Armenia due to healing mineral waters and good climate. This town is consisted of more than 40 thermal springs. Here, you can find a chance to free tasting of healing mineral water in the gallery of water along with the famous Jermuk waterfalls.

So, Armenia is rich in beauty and interesting activities. You must not miss the visit to Armenia.  

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What are the top tourist attractions and fun places in Abuja?

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Abuja-super-imposing-Zuma-rockAbuja is the capital of Nigeria and it is rich in culture and history which make it a fit place to visit. So, we are going to talk about some attractive places in Abuja which are able to catch attention of visitors and they will have really fun here.                                          

The Millennium park is a very beautiful public park which is the largest park in Abuja as told by one of my friend at realtors in new braunfels. It is situated in the Maitama district of this city. The main features pf this park are the pool,pretty pathway and fun land for kids. If you want to go out for picnic with your friends,then it is the perfect spot to visit.                     

Secondly, Silver bird centre which is situated in Central Business District is an entertainment centre which is crowded with a cinema, restaurants and shops where you can get all kinds of things which you need. 

Well, next place to visit is the Gurara waterfalls, which is not only a beautiful waterfall but also rich in natural beauty. There are some fascinating places around the Gurara waterfalls where you can see a large variety of beautiful and colorful birds. In future, it is a plan to develop it into a resort.                                                 

In addition to it, National Christian centre which is also known as Nigerian Ecumenical centre is situated in the Central Business District is the great masterpiece of fantastic architecture. It has a copper colored beautiful roof and a big room for choir rehearsal. If you visit this place, then you will meet with great work of Architecture.                                                                                                                         

Abuja National Stadium,which was constructed in 2003 is a place of cultural and religious events. Here, you can attend the different kinds of events and festivals. So, a visit to above mentioned places during your visit to Abuja will make your trip more interesting and enjoyable.

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What are the top tourist attractions in Vienna?

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1-Belvedere-palaceVienna is the largest city and capital of AustriaIt is rich in culture and world’s famous monuments. Here, there are some top rated places which are listed below.

My friend who is basically from Vienna and is currently working at Custom Logo Jackets Troy MI. He was telling me that Spanish Riding school is a riding school for horses and offers public to perform  in winter riding school situated in Hofburg and most of the audience calls these performances a magic.This school is very famous for giving training to horses for more than four centuries. So, here you can find the best opportunity to be trained yourself as well ,if you want to be a good rider.                                                                 

Furthermore, Garben is one the most famous street found in central Vienna and Garben means “Trench”it is due to presence of a city wall through which Vienna was surrounded along with trench. Later on the trench was filled and this street became the first residential street in Vienna.Now it has become a market place and the a residential place for elite.                                                                                  

In addition to it, Burggarten is grown on the pattern of England gardens.Once it was used as the court garden for the rulers of Habsburg but now it is a place where visitors and locals can enjoy their lunch on pleasant days.                    

Hofburg Imperial palace was built in 13th century.At present it has become a museum and home to the president of Austria.This beautiful palace is consisted of many wings and halls but only its three parts are opened for public.It’s architecture makes it a worth seeing place.                                                                              

Ringstrasse is a famous road having the length more than 5 km.It was built by the order of Emperor Franz Joseph in mid 19th century.Many important buildings such as palaces,museums and stately homes are present on both sides of this road which make it worth seeing.                                                                                      

 So, a trip to above mentioned places is a real treat for history and culture lovers.

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Why & How you should pay a visit to Greek Islands?

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sunset_santorini2A visit to Greek island will not disappoint because we have strong reasons which will encourage you to pay a visit to these islands.

Santorini Island is a place where you will feel really good. Because the white washed houses against the blue sea gives a pleasant feeling to the eyes. Infact, all beaches don’t have clear sand, some actually have black. This unusual color comes from the fact that Santorini is made of volcanic rocks. It is very easy to get to Santorini by taking flight directly from Manchester, London, Birmingham and Bristol to Santorini.

The next island which is going to become part of our discussion is Mykonos. Somebody at water softener in San Antonio was telling me about this place. He was basically shifted from there. He said that it is very  famous spot for island and party lovers fond of spending a quality time in a good place. It contains best bars and nightclubs for party lovers. Now the question how to get to mykonos very fast. It is quite easyJet and British airways have direct flights from london to Mykonos to make you to get fast there.

Hydra is the next island. A visit to this island can make your trip, the time of your life. It has plenty of attractions and activities to keep you bound here for a long time. Jewellery lovers just be happy, it is a place for you guys. In addition to it just visit Cathedral, museum and art galleries, it will be a real treat for you. A small village is found here which has very beautiful pebble beach where local restaurants reserve Souvlaki (Kebabs) to make your visit more spicy. To get to Hydra you will first have to fly to Athena and then set a sail across the sea.

Rhodes is another fascinating island. It’s name is derived from the greek word, rhodon which means a romantic flower. This Island is full of historical places, such as venetian fort and the castle of Kritinia. Heritage place in 1988, is the main attraction for visitors.

To get to Rhodes just take a flight from Monarch to Rhodes directly with help of jet. Samos island is also famous for heritage. you should also pay a visit to Samos too.

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melbourneMelbourne gives you a perfect blend of art and culture.  It comprises of natives from all around the world with diverse backgrounds, food, and ethics and yet united with a ‘true-spirit’ of being Melbournians.

I was enjoy New Braunfels night life with my friends where i met an old friend after 7 years who live in Melbourne. He was visiting New Braunfels to meet his family. When i asked him about Melbourne he told me that Melbourne being titled as “the cultural capital of Australia”, have got a fair amount of architectural buildings, churches, art galleries and museums. The streets of this beautiful city are blessed with different kind of street arts and live performances by the art-loving-locals, graffiti on walls being their favourite. The flashy, big-light-city culture of St Kilda or the raw hipster culture Fitzroy, Melbourne has got it all for you.

Entering Melbourne, you are greeted by the amazing architectural buildings like the Flinders street station, National Gallery of Australia, State Library of Victoria, the UNESCO listed Royal Exhibition Building, which hosted the Olympics games in year 1956. Every single one of these is a treat for the eyes because of their beautiful design and historical references.  Other Historical building includes the Immigration Museum, Werribee Mansion, Como House and Garden, Old Melbourne Goals and many more.

The city of Melbourne also has attractive Wildlife and Sea life spots. The Melbourne Zoo and the Werribee zoo are amongst the largest and well maintained zoos around the world. These consist of a wild variety of animals. The city also have its own Sea Life- Aquarium with all kind of sea creatures from Penguins to various fishes, reptiles, coral ranges, etc. This can be considered as “never-to-be-skipped” spot, if visiting Melbourne. Other nature and wildlife spots includes the Phillips Island, various beached, balloon flights, various gardens, parks and camping sites, Dandenong Valley ranges etc.

Crown casino is also one of the major attraction and a perfect night spot. It provides with six main casino games i.e. blackjack, craps, pai gow, poker, baccarat and roulette. Melbourne is also a treat for sports lover. With the Grand Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) adding up to the charms of Melbourne, you can also find a large number of horse race coats, golf clubs, and tennis grounds and not to forget formula- one racing. Moreover, Melbournians are insane about the AFL(Australian Footy League) and if you are visiting the city in Footy season, you are going to witness one of the most amazing sports event with lots of related fundraiser concerts, programmes going all the way.

Roof top restaurant, bars, casinos, in-tram dine-in tables, culture events, concerts are the little gems of the city. Yarra river cruises and ferry rides act as the icing on the cake.  From Italian, Indian, Chinese, German, Afghani and what not cuisines in posh restaurants and dinner bar to the local fish-n-chips street sellers or the worldwide fast food selling brands like Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, Domino’s in the food courts, you can grab every food deal here! There are all types of accommodation, from hotels to hostels and renting flats to motels etc. You will always find that one accommodation in Melbourne which fulfill both your taste and is easy on your pocket. Even transportation is no problem in Melbourne with the local train service along with the trams, busses, taxis, travelling around the city is cheap and never a problem.

Melbourne is regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world that too, sixth time in a row.

Isn’t it enough of the reason to visit this paradise on earth?

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