Why & How you should pay a visit to Greek Islands?

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sunset_santorini2A visit to Greek island will not disappoint because we have strong reasons which will encourage you to pay a visit to these islands.

Santorini Island is a place where you will feel really good. Because the white washed houses against the blue sea gives a pleasant feeling to the eyes. Infact, all beaches don’t have clear sand, some actually have black. This unusual color comes from the fact that Santorini is made of volcanic rocks. It is very easy to get to Santorini by taking flight directly from Manchester, London, Birmingham and Bristol to Santorini.

The next island which is going to become part of our discussion is Mykonos. Somebody at water softener in San Antonio was telling me about this place. He was basically shifted from there. He said that it is very  famous spot for island and party lovers fond of spending a quality time in a good place. It contains best bars and nightclubs for party lovers. Now the question how to get to mykonos very fast. It is quite easyJet and British airways have direct flights from london to Mykonos to make you to get fast there.

Hydra is the next island. A visit to this island can make your trip, the time of your life. It has plenty of attractions and activities to keep you bound here for a long time. Jewellery lovers just be happy, it is a place for you guys. In addition to it just visit Cathedral, museum and art galleries, it will be a real treat for you. A small village is found here which has very beautiful pebble beach where local restaurants reserve Souvlaki (Kebabs) to make your visit more spicy. To get to Hydra you will first have to fly to Athena and then set a sail across the sea.

Rhodes is another fascinating island. It’s name is derived from the greek word, rhodon which means a romantic flower. This Island is full of historical places, such as venetian fort and the castle of Kritinia. Heritage place in 1988, is the main attraction for visitors.

To get to Rhodes just take a flight from Monarch to Rhodes directly with help of jet. Samos island is also famous for heritage. you should also pay a visit to Samos too.