Punjab and its beauty

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cp31-640x428Punjab is 2nd largest province after Balochistan. It is most populous province. It share border with Punjab, Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. Lahore is Punjab’s capital and base of cinema industry and fashion industry. The Indus valley civilization first discovered at Harappa. This province has very low rate of poverty. According to development point of view this area is relatively high as compared to rest of Pakistan. Almost 40% people live in urban areas. This province of Pakistan is very liberal.

My friend at Henderson heating and cooling was telling me that The culture of Punjab is very blended one. Most of the people live in Punjab speak Punjabi. But people from other areas also migrated to Punjab and they speak their own languages and also language varies from city to city. English is commonly spoken by officials and students.

People in Punjab wear shalwar kameez but upper area of Punjab is more libral so they wear western style of dresses too. They are liberal but also too religious. So they never did anything out of the way which hurts their religion.

People of Punjab are food lovers. They love adventure. They are happy and open hearted people. They are very hostile in nature. Food of Punjab like lassi (whey), corn pita bread (makki ki roti), mustard greens (sarsoon ka saag) are their love. They love spicy food. They are expert in cuisines.

Sometimes Punjab is called heart of Pakistan. This province has historic gem stones in many cities which include tombs of saints, historic buildings (palaces), some educational institutes (like Kinnaird College), some mosques (like Badshahi Mosque), and the place where declaration of Pakistan held and many more eye catching beauties.

This province is endless journey of beauty and adventure. The visitors love this province when visit and recommend people to visit all those places and they themselves even want to visit again and again.