What are the top tourist attractions and fun places in Abuja?

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Abuja-super-imposing-Zuma-rockAbuja is the capital of Nigeria and it is rich in culture and history which make it a fit place to visit. So, we are going to talk about some attractive places in Abuja which are able to catch attention of visitors and they will have really fun here.                                          

The Millennium park is a very beautiful public park which is the largest park in Abuja as told by one of my friend at realtors in new braunfels. It is situated in the Maitama district of this city. The main features pf this park are the pool,pretty pathway and fun land for kids. If you want to go out for picnic with your friends,then it is the perfect spot to visit.                     

Secondly, Silver bird centre which is situated in Central Business District is an entertainment centre which is crowded with a cinema, restaurants and shops where you can get all kinds of things which you need. 

Well, next place to visit is the Gurara waterfalls, which is not only a beautiful waterfall but also rich in natural beauty. There are some fascinating places around the Gurara waterfalls where you can see a large variety of beautiful and colorful birds. In future, it is a plan to develop it into a resort.                                                 

In addition to it, National Christian centre which is also known as Nigerian Ecumenical centre is situated in the Central Business District is the great masterpiece of fantastic architecture. It has a copper colored beautiful roof and a big room for choir rehearsal. If you visit this place, then you will meet with great work of Architecture.                                                                                                                         

Abuja National Stadium,which was constructed in 2003 is a place of cultural and religious events. Here, you can attend the different kinds of events and festivals. So, a visit to above mentioned places during your visit to Abuja will make your trip more interesting and enjoyable.