What are the top tourist attractions in Vienna?

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1-Belvedere-palaceVienna is the largest city and capital of AustriaIt is rich in culture and world’s famous monuments. Here, there are some top rated places which are listed below.

My friend who is basically from Vienna and is currently working at Custom Logo Jackets Troy MI. He was telling me that Spanish Riding school is a riding school for horses and offers public to perform  in winter riding school situated in Hofburg and most of the audience calls these performances a magic.This school is very famous for giving training to horses for more than four centuries. So, here you can find the best opportunity to be trained yourself as well ,if you want to be a good rider.                                                                 

Furthermore, Garben is one the most famous street found in central Vienna and Garben means “Trench”it is due to presence of a city wall through which Vienna was surrounded along with trench. Later on the trench was filled and this street became the first residential street in Vienna.Now it has become a market place and the a residential place for elite.                                                                                  

In addition to it, Burggarten is grown on the pattern of England gardens.Once it was used as the court garden for the rulers of Habsburg but now it is a place where visitors and locals can enjoy their lunch on pleasant days.                    

Hofburg Imperial palace was built in 13th century.At present it has become a museum and home to the president of Austria.This beautiful palace is consisted of many wings and halls but only its three parts are opened for public.It’s architecture makes it a worth seeing place.                                                                              

Ringstrasse is a famous road having the length more than 5 km.It was built by the order of Emperor Franz Joseph in mid 19th century.Many important buildings such as palaces,museums and stately homes are present on both sides of this road which make it worth seeing.                                                                                      

 So, a trip to above mentioned places is a real treat for history and culture lovers.