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melbourneMelbourne gives you a perfect blend of art and culture.  It comprises of natives from all around the world with diverse backgrounds, food, and ethics and yet united with a ‘true-spirit’ of being Melbournians.

I was enjoy New Braunfels night life with my friends where i met an old friend after 7 years who live in Melbourne. He was visiting New Braunfels to meet his family. When i asked him about Melbourne he told me that Melbourne being titled as “the cultural capital of Australia”, have got a fair amount of architectural buildings, churches, art galleries and museums. The streets of this beautiful city are blessed with different kind of street arts and live performances by the art-loving-locals, graffiti on walls being their favourite. The flashy, big-light-city culture of St Kilda or the raw hipster culture Fitzroy, Melbourne has got it all for you.

Entering Melbourne, you are greeted by the amazing architectural buildings like the Flinders street station, National Gallery of Australia, State Library of Victoria, the UNESCO listed Royal Exhibition Building, which hosted the Olympics games in year 1956. Every single one of these is a treat for the eyes because of their beautiful design and historical references.  Other Historical building includes the Immigration Museum, Werribee Mansion, Como House and Garden, Old Melbourne Goals and many more.

The city of Melbourne also has attractive Wildlife and Sea life spots. The Melbourne Zoo and the Werribee zoo are amongst the largest and well maintained zoos around the world. These consist of a wild variety of animals. The city also have its own Sea Life- Aquarium with all kind of sea creatures from Penguins to various fishes, reptiles, coral ranges, etc. This can be considered as “never-to-be-skipped” spot, if visiting Melbourne. Other nature and wildlife spots includes the Phillips Island, various beached, balloon flights, various gardens, parks and camping sites, Dandenong Valley ranges etc.

Crown casino is also one of the major attraction and a perfect night spot. It provides with six main casino games i.e. blackjack, craps, pai gow, poker, baccarat and roulette. Melbourne is also a treat for sports lover. With the Grand Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) adding up to the charms of Melbourne, you can also find a large number of horse race coats, golf clubs, and tennis grounds and not to forget formula- one racing. Moreover, Melbournians are insane about the AFL(Australian Footy League) and if you are visiting the city in Footy season, you are going to witness one of the most amazing sports event with lots of related fundraiser concerts, programmes going all the way.

Roof top restaurant, bars, casinos, in-tram dine-in tables, culture events, concerts are the little gems of the city. Yarra river cruises and ferry rides act as the icing on the cake.  From Italian, Indian, Chinese, German, Afghani and what not cuisines in posh restaurants and dinner bar to the local fish-n-chips street sellers or the worldwide fast food selling brands like Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, Domino’s in the food courts, you can grab every food deal here! There are all types of accommodation, from hotels to hostels and renting flats to motels etc. You will always find that one accommodation in Melbourne which fulfill both your taste and is easy on your pocket. Even transportation is no problem in Melbourne with the local train service along with the trams, busses, taxis, travelling around the city is cheap and never a problem.

Melbourne is regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world that too, sixth time in a row.

Isn’t it enough of the reason to visit this paradise on earth?